Integrated prototyping and production system focused on mass production

Beginning in the prototype development phase, Tsuzuki Co., Ltd. works to provide prototype improvements and suggestions oriented toward mass producibility. Before starting prototype development, we consider how to maintain process efficiency, achieve stable product quality, and lower costs once mass production has begun. Through the use of machining prototypes, it is possible to enter development planning from an early stage.
We are also able to reduce production lead time by providing "one-stop" service for everything from prototype development through to the design of mass production lines, mass production prototyping, and the mass production itself. Our speedy mass production process contributes immensely to our customers' production plans.

Magnesium alloy (machined components)

Turbine (Inconel)

Transmission (internal component)

Technology for designing equipment that achieves cost-competitiveness

Tsuzuki Co., Ltd. builds efficient mass production lines in order to provide components with high cost-performance. Moreover, building highly flexible mass production lines enables us to handle high-variety, low-quantity production, as well.
Tsuzuki Co., Ltd. has worked to implement advanced production technology such as CAD/CAM and industrial robots, while also using technology and skills in equipment design amassed over many years to produce equipment in-house such as conveyance loaders, burring machines, press fitting machines, cleaning machines, stockers, etc. Machining jigs are also designed and manufactured in-house, improving production efficiency for each individual product. This system, which broadly covers production processes in-house from production equipment to peripheral equipment, has contributed to Tsuzuki Co., Ltd.'s highly reliable products, equipment efficiency, and productivity.

Mass production line planning and design

We provide highly competitive components by conceptualizing and planning mass production lines in-house that are optimized for customer needs and the parts produced.

Equipment development and modification

We perform in-house production equipment development as well as modifications to and maintenance on existing equipment. We create the optimal production environment in order to improve production efficiency and precision.

Automation and labor-saving

We pursue thorough cost-cutting by streamlining work operations through automation. Via automation, we also achieve more efficient labor usage and improve productivity, thereby enabling product delivery in a shorter time frame.

Medium-variety mass production / High-variety low-quantity production

Within component production, the need is increasing for production of variable product variety and volume, such as medium-variety mass production and high-variety low-quantity production. Drawing on our past achievements and experience, we build flexible mass production lines suited to customer needs.

In-house sharpening of cutting tools

We draw out the best performance from our cutting tools by keeping the equipment and technology for sharpening worn-down tools within the company. This enables us to provide high-quality components at low cost.

Highly flexible machining lines

Tsuzuki Co., Ltd. is pursuing the automation of its machining processes in order to obtain the high levels of efficiency and productivity demanded of modern automobile components while also maintaining reliable product quality.
Our production lines manufacturing knuckles for four-wheel automobiles have implemented advanced automation technology to create flexible lines capable of handling medium-variety mass production. The latest production technology is brought together to respond to the needs of increasingly diversifying, sophisticated markets.

Component types and quantity of units produced

Tsuzuki Co., Ltd. excels at the creation of flexible production lines making transfer machines specifically for special-purpose machinery, and here too we engage in high-variety low-quantity production and medium-variety mass production.

  • Automobile parts: Medium-variety mass production

  • Construction machinery parts: Medium-variety mass production / High-variety low-quantity production

Automated production line #3 for stator shafts Short knuckle transfer machine #1 Short knuckle transfer machine #3 Short knuckle transfer machine #2 Automated production line #2 for stator shafts Damper fork transfer machine Automated production line for rotor shafts Long knuckle transfer machine Automated production line #1 for stator shafts Crosshead index-dedicated Cam follower index-dedicated Work machine PPC Construction machinery T/M valve Check valve Travel PPC Cover AB CA26 PC78 pump Service valve PC400 Main valve