Tsuzuki produces hydraulic equipment, which controls precise and powerful movements, in integrated production lines with clean and strict quality controls that combine processes from machining through to assembly, bench tests, and coating.


PPC valve

Demand valve

The PPC valve is a type of pressure relief valve that thoroughly simplifies valve operations. It is a pressure control valve for the remote control and light operation of high-flow directional control valves, which serves to achieve an output pressure proportional to lever angle. Using hydraulic fluid from the pump, these important valves control movements equivalent to the movement of the human arm.

The demand valve distributes hydraulic fluid sent from the steering pump and work equipment pump to steering circuits and work equipment circuits, as per the number of engine rotations (pump discharge volume).

Transmission control valve

E-POC valve

This type of valve is installed in vehicles such as bulldozers, dump trucks, and wheel loaders. It is an important component valve that controls the vehicle's speed-change functionality and enables comfortable speed changes and driving.

Construction machinery transmission systems are currently undergoing an era of digitalization. Transmission systems are operated in this form by merging hydraulic and electrical systems. We achieve optimal performance through our clean processes and strict quality control systems.

Main control valve

This valve is at the core of the main hydraulics systems of 20 to 70-ton-class bulldozers.
This is the power source of construction machinery with maximum pressure of 41 MPa and maximum flow of 324 liters per minute.

This is the main control valve in 40 to 45-ton-class (hydraulic) excavators. This valve controls the flow of oil used from the pump for work equipment, rotation, and travel.

Valve groups produced


Plunger pump

78 pump

This pump is at the center of mini-power shovels. It drives the power shovel by transforming engine rotation into hydraulic pressure. The mirror-finish component group creates discharge power rated at 27 MPa (discharge flow of 50 liters per minute x 2 + 30 liters per minute).

This core high-efficiency pump drives hydraulic excavators by converting engine rotations into hydraulic pressure.
This is the power source for all movements in work equipment (buckets, arms, booms): travel, rotation, blades, etc.

Pump groups produced


Fan motor

Check valves

Check valves

This fan motor is used in large-wheeled rotors, bulldozers, and radiators for large tourist buses. The motor core is small enough to fit within the width of the fan blades, making the fan motor compact and high-performance.
The motor is capable of forward and reverse rotation via reversible rotational control, and it can be used to clean radiators. It attains variable flow control and continuous rotational control, making it both power-saving and low-noise.

If a high-pressure hose for a work machine's boom arm is damaged, it is rendered completely useless. On the work site, where safety is the top priority, the check valve serves to shut down high-pressure hydraulic circuits instantly in the event of hose damage. This is the all-star representative of the micron-level management that quietly underlies safety-related operations.

Construction machinery component types and quantity of units produced

We handle high-variety low-volume component production ranging from 10 units per day to 1000 units per day, and from less than 10 models to over 200 models.

  • Construction machinery components: Medium-variety mass production through high-variety low-volume production

Volume/day Models/types Crosshead index-dedicated Cam follower index-dedicated Work machine PPC Construction machinery T/M valve Check valve Travel PPC Cover AB CA26 PC78 pump Service valve PC400 Main valve