Continuing to grow along with our accumulated expertise

Thank you for the incredible support you provide to Tsuzuki Co. Ltd. on a daily basis.

In recent years, economic conditions have become increasingly complex as both technology and globalization have progressed. The conditions for survival in the market include a company's product quality, cost competitiveness, and now the ability to produce forward-looking ideas and proposals. In order to adapt adroitly to changes in our external environment, we must constantly re-examine our present circumstances to find opportunities for improvement and then act on them with haste.

Building on the foundation of our many years of accumulated technology and technical expertise, Tsuzuki Co. Ltd. must always be pursuing innovation in production technology, pursuing outstanding product quality, achieving a more efficient and more streamlined production environment, and continuing to grow in response to changes in the times.

We will of course respond quickly to the needs of our customers, and through automobile component and construction machinery component manufacturing, we will also fulfill our responsibilities to society by contributing to our local communities and working toward environmental conservation, striving to contribute to the creation of rich lifestyles and livelihoods for others.
In all of this, we ask for your continued guidance and encouragement.

President and representative director
Yuki Kurita