Components for two-wheeled vehicles

Tsuzuki Co., Ltd. produces important functional components for two-wheeled vehicles through the use of our unique production and processing technologies that combine flexible and automated production lines.

Gear shift spindle Assy

This tough component precisely reacts to the rider's foot movements. Our products maximize durability and low cost, being used in a variety of both on-road and off-road motorcycles.

Vertical shaft

A diverse line-up covering lengths from 600mm up to 1,080mm.
Overcoming the intractability of stainless steel to achieve coaxiality and roundness, the high wear-resistance of this product helps achieve safe sailing.

Propeller shaft

This propeller shaft applies a powerful instantaneous motive force. The precision demanded of a product's coaxiality and roundness increases as it becomes longer. This product suppresses vibrations and is built at micron-level tolerances.