Prototyping solutions

High cost-performance prototype development optimised for mass production

Double-digit percentage cost reductions

We at Tsuzuki Co. have absolute confidence in development and design prototyping for components eventually intended for mass production.
Our work is founded on principles of value engineering, drawing on our abundant experience with mass production and the processing of automobile components and components for construction machinery.
While providing requested functionality and quality, we will actively pursue value engineering-based proposals that achieve stronger, more lightweight, more widely functional products as well as reduced costs during the mass production process.
We boast high standards of safety for transmission components, suspension / undercarriage components, and similar, while also having achieved double-digit percentage cost reductions for component manufacturing requiring high strength and precision.

Professionals specializing in mass production

One of Tsuzuki Co.’s core beliefs: Manufacturing that adheres to the blueprint is only the obvious first step. We believe that our value to society lies in our ability to bring added value to products that exceeds the required specifications.
It is no simple task to improve something while maintaining its current performance. Tsuzuki Co. is able to accomplish such feats only because we are a group of professionals specializing in mass production and processing that has built production lines responsible for 30,000 units of output per month.
How many complex processing steps can we remove?
How will we maintain precision and strength once those steps are removed?
We have amassed tremendous experience in these areas. If you are considering mass production of your product, please come to us and begin consultation for your product starting from the prototyping phase.

TSUZUKI MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD.'s prototyping solutions

Prototyping to achieve the best mass production system: Tsuzuki's prototyping is based on principles of value engineering.

Improvements and suggestions of mass production-oriented prototypes

We provide prototype improvements and suggestions that focus on productivity (efficiency of processing, reliable quality, cost reduction), from a perspective distinctive of TSUZUKI MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD. with our high-level production technology.

"One-stop" manufacturing from "prototyping" through to "mass production"

We improve the competitiveness of products by providing "one-stop" services from the prototype development phase through to mass production.

Benefits of implementing Tsuzuki's prototyping solutions

Issues facing customers

Common prototyping-related problems

  • Many designs are not suitable for mass production.
  • Different companies are responsible for the prototyping and mass production phases, making quality and cost control difficult.
  • We want improvements and/or suggestions for prototype designs.

TSUZUKI MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD.'s prototyping solutions

  • We can provide highly competitive components through designs that take into account processes from the prototyping phase through to mass production.
  • We achieve reliable product quality and low costs through our "one-stop" manufacturing from prototype development through mass production and delivery.
  • As your partner in prototype development, we actively pursue improvements and suggestions oriented toward prototyping and mass production.

Benefits in comparison with other companies

Typical prototype development company Typical component mass-production and processing company


Quick turnaround delivery


Because TSUZUKI MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD. excels at mass production-oriented prototype development, we are sometimes unable to achieve quick turnaround.
Prototype improvements and suggestions


Companies that specialize in prototyping sometimes produce components that are not suitable for mass production.


We make improvements and suggestions for component prototypes that are focused on mass production.
Production line planning for mass production


We have the flexibility to handle high-variety low-quantity production lines and medium-variety mass production lines.
Costs of mass production


We design mass production lines in-house, achieving highly competitive cost-performance.
Ability to supply mass-produced parts


Record of successful deliveries to Asia, Europe, North America, and Central America
Difficult-to-machine materials


We are actively engaged in the processing of difficult-to-machine materials, which will be in high demand in the coming generations.

Trust us with machining that involves complex shapes and high-or ultra-precision

Tsuzuki Co. also specializes in processing objects with complex shapes and high-precision machining.
We handle such processing requests by drawing on our many years of experience machining high-precision complex-shape components, including automobile transmission components and fuel cell components, as well as by tapping into the latest advanced technology that utilizes 3D CAD and five-axis machines.
Consult with us about products with strict quality standards and products that demand a high level of precision, especially in such sectors as the automobile industry, medical equipment, and aviation.
Over the past several decades, we have met the demanding needs of the automobile industry for precision in roundness, squareness, and flatness, and we are proud that our work has been highly regarded. We also understand the special characteristics of metallic materials and can propose optimal methods of machining such materials.
Tsuzuki Co. can offer component machining starting from one-off prototypes. We also have the flexibility to create the optimal processing production system suited to customer requests, ranging from small-lot and medium-lot jobs with high-variety, low-quantity production through to full mass production. Also trust us with component machining that involves complex shapes and high precision.

Taking on the challenge: High-value processing of difficult-to-machine materials

There is increasing need for stronger, more lightweight automobile components as a means of improving fuel efficiency.
TSUZUKI MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD. engages in component development using high-strength materials such as FCD500 (and greater), aluminum, etc.

Tsuzuki Co. has embarked on new initiatives aimed at achieving higher-value monozukuri manufacturing. One such initiative is the processing of difficult-to-machine materials.
There is an ever-increasing need for the processing of materials that are more lightweight, stronger, and more heat-resistant for use in aerospace, nuclear power, fuel cells, hybrid vehicles, advanced medical appliances, and other areas.
These materials, which include Inconel, titanium, and Hastelloy, are what we call “difficult-to-machine materials” and are very difficult to process. One step at a time, Tsuzuki Co. has accumulated real results in the processing of these materials.
Our policy is to join with customers in struggling with their problems and resolve those problems together as a partner. We do not hold back on investment for this purpose in more equipment or in improvements to processing technology. Do not hesitate to consult with us about machining materials rejected by other companies or other such proposals. As metalworking and cutting professionals, we guarantee that we will fulfill your requests.

Turbine (Inconel)

Materials used in components produced

Cast iron Forged iron Steel Aluminum

Processing types

Rotary Box-type
Lathing M/C Grinding Gear-cutting
Broaching Welding Heat treatment Gear-cutting

Regarding prototype development and difficult-to-machine materials

"We want our problems solved together."
"We have a matter that has been rejected by another company."
"We don't know who to consult with."


If you have any problems or concerns pertaining to prototype development and difficult-to-machine materials, please contact us for a trial consultation!

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