1944 Founded in Sakaki, Nagano Prefecture.
1952 Begins conducting business with the Honda Motor Company.
1961 Begins conducting business with Komatsu Ltd.
1968 Capital increased to ¥140 million.
1969 Tobu plant established in Tobu-machi and begins operations.
1970 Second Tobu plant established.
1982 Third HQ plant established.
1986 Fourth HQ plant established.
1994 Maruko plant established in Maruko-machi and begins operations.
1998 Second Maruko plant established.
1998 New HQ office building established.
1999 ISO 14001 certification received.
2001 PT. TSUZUKI & ASAMA MANUFACTURING (T&A) established in Indonesia.
2002 T&A begins operations.
2006 Third Maruko plant and second T&A plant established.
2007 ISO 9001 certification received.
2008 Maruko Welfare building established.
2010 JS-TEC Co. established in Isesaki, Gunma Prefecture.
Capital increased to ¥480 million.
2011 Thai Tsuzuki Co., Ltd (TTC) established in Thailand.
2012 T&A Karawang plant established.
T&A acquires ISO 9001 certification.
TTC acquires the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.
2014 70th anniversary since founding.
2015 Yuki Kurita becomes company president.