Production equipment and quality control underlying mass production

Tsuzuki Co., Ltd. is pursuing the full automation of its machining processes to achieve internationally competitive costs through high efficiency and productivity, while also maintaining reliable product quality. Tsuzuki production lines that have implemented advanced automation technology include the lines manufacturing knuckles for four-wheel automobiles, automated spindle grinding lines, and CVT stator shaft machining lines. These lines utilize computer-based production management systems to provide reliable components in a timely manner.
In Tsuzuki's production of hydraulics equipment for construction machinery, we strive to achieve proper temperature management and cleaning for processing lines, and with improvements to processing technology we have achieved outstanding processing precision. We engage in production utilizing an integrated quality control system that combines processes from machining at a machining center through to assembly, performance tests, and coating.

Main equipment

Automatic shaft bend corrector

Cylindrical grinder

Automated spool lathe line

Walter tool grinder

Five-axis machining center

Knuckle transformer machine

Automated rotor shaft machining line

Automated stator shaft machining line

Equipment name Number of units Manufacturer
Transformer machine 8 lines Honda Engineering Co., Nachi-Fujikoshi Co., Takusei Kikai
Vertical / horizontal machining center 116 units OKK, DMG Mori Seiki Co., Yamazaki Mazak Corporation, Hitachi Seiki, Yasda
CNC lathe 24 units DMG Mori Seiki Co., Murata Manufacturing Co., Nakamura-Tome Precision Industry Co., Yamazaki Mazak Corporation
CNC grinding machine 15 units Okuma Corporation, Mitsubishi, Minakuchi, Tsugami, Micron Machinery Co.
Hobbing machine 5 units Kitai Sangyo Co.
General-purpose machines (milling, grinding, lathing) 86 units -
MIG/MAG welder 9 units Matsushita
High‐pressure cleaning machine / oscillating cleaning machine / etc. 74 units Sugino Machine, Morigo Seiki, OGA, Kan Manufactory Co.
Hydraulic pump / test bench for valves 22 units Komatsu Engineering
Automatic leveler 4 units Towa
Assembler machines 9 units Produced in-house
Heat treatment / high frequency 2 units ESCO Ltd.
Heat treatment / gas carburizing furnace 2 units Oriental Motor
Coating line 2 lines Meiji Machine Co., Dainikka
Coordinate measuring machines 4 units Tokyo Seimitsu, Mitutoyo
Surface roughness measurement instruments 3 units Tokyo Seimitsu
Universal testing machine 1 unit Shimadzu
Roundness measuring instrument 2 units Tokyo Seimitsu
Thermal deburring machine 1 unit Extrude Hone
Five-axis machining center 4 units DMG Mori Seiki Co., Yasda, Yamazaki Mazak Corporation
Multitasking machine 1 unit DMG Mori Seiki Co.
Tool grinder 5 units Walter, Makino

Quality control

Stator shaft clean room

Mini-pump test bench

Mid-size pump test bench

Large pump test bench

Coordinating measuring machines

Roughness measuring machines

Roundness measuring machines

Shape measuring machines

Digital microscope